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As a therapist I feel it’s my role to be a collaborator, witness, and gentle guide in my clients’ process of empowering themselves..

-Krista Tyner

Krista Tyner | Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Dance/Movement Therapist 

I was drawn to becoming a therapist out of my natural curiosity to understand.

I’ve always been interested in knowing more about the world around me and the people within it and the best way I was able to achieve an understanding was through listening to the stories people wanted to share. My passion for people’s narratives became such a strong part of who I am that I knew it was my calling to choose therapy as my career.


My background:

As a native Chicagoan I value the diversity of the city and the people I’ve grown up around. As a therapist I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients from all different backgrounds. This has deepened my understanding that each person is unique in their life experiences and views of the world. And so, because of that, the intersections of race, culture, religion, gender identity, sexuality, ability, and more are at the center of my practice. I strive to help my clients explore all factors that influence their lives in order to make better sense of their internal dialogue, personal relationships, and other daily interactions.

My approach:

Sometimes we are faced with transitions, life changes, and uncertainty. Existing in the liminal space – between what was and what’s next – can be a time of great distress and discomfort.

My goal is not to provide solutions to this difficult experience but to help my clients better understand it.

I do this by working to create a safe space to express the emotions we often try to minimize. My hope is that by offering a nonjudgmental holding space my clients will gain the ability to sit in the discomfort and address it in a way that is most meaningful to them.

I believe in a feminist approach to working with my clients and value our relationship as equals.

My clients are the experts of their own lives and intuitively know their needs, even if sometimes that intuition may be difficult to access. As a therapist I feel it’s my role to be a collaborator, witness, and gentle guide in my clients’ process of empowering themselves. Along with a feminist approach I use a number of other frameworks to promote healing in our sessions including the skills based therapies of cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy as well as dance/movement therapy which focuses on the connection between our mind and body.

 My Specialty:

As a licensed dance/movement therapist I believe strongly in the power of our bodies to hold onto our conscious and unconscious experiences.

By using the body as a tool my clients are able to express themselves both verbally and non-verbally and deepen their process even further. This could mean increasing body knowledge by identifying sensations related to emotions, using breath work to strengthen the mind/body connection, or moving in space to promote healthier forms of expression. I let my clients guide me in what feels comfortable for their bodies and gently challenge them when words feel like they may not be enough.

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