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Premarital Therapy: Why Everyone Should Be Doing It

Divorce rates continue to remain high, and the impact of entering into a marriage without knowing enough about your partner can be significant. Many couples think about the possibility of couples counseling in their future, but few think about the value in premarital therapy. Premarital therapy can make a real difference in a couples’ satisfaction [...]

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Trading Brunch for Bridal Showers

Many of us try to prepare ourselves for the life transitions that take place from high school to college, and from college to the “real world,” but many women are not as prepared for the transition that takes place when some of their girlfriends start saying “I do,” and they remain single. The group dynamics [...]

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Transitioning to Motherhood: Taking Care of Your Baby and YOURSELF TOO!

Becoming a mother is something that many women look forward to, and throughout pregnancy, many soon to be mother’s try to imagine what their lives will look like once their child is born. Many women experience a range of emotions throughout pregnancy in anticipation of the arrival of their baby, focusing on the excitement of [...]

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The Wedding Is Over, Now What?

According to statistics, there are over 60 million married couples in the United States. Although the average age of individuals saying “I do,” is increasing, marital rates are still as high as ever. Many young couples spend a significant amount of time preparing for their wedding day, and often get caught up in the minutia [...]

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Unplugged: focusing on each other instead of the screen

As technology continues to take over our world, the importance of quality time spent with one another becomes even more critical. The Pew Research Center found that 25% of cell phone users in committed relationships felt that their partner was distracted by their cell phone during time spent together. Although this statistic might not seem [...]

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Technology and Dating: The Online Approach To Meeting “The One”

As our world shifts to social media in lieu of social interaction, the Internet and phone apps have become very popular ways to search for a companion. According to eharmony’s research, 40 million Americans use online dating sites to meet people, and the numbers are steadily increasing. Americans use apps like tinder and bumble to [...]

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I’m Getting Married, Should We Talk About It?

The average age of marriage is rising in the U.S., and more and more couples are tying the knot when they have already established their careers, their lifestyles, and their general expectations. As they think make the decision to say, “I do,” couples should also make the decision to seek premarital counseling. According to the [...]

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How to Spot a Toxic Friendship

Friends are some of the most important and significant people in our lives, but when friendships begin to feel more like work, it may be a sign that the friendship is turning toxic. A toxic friendship can be difficult to spot, but it is important for your overall well-being to explore your relationships and their [...]

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Mindfulness Meditation: How can you be more mindful?

Mindfulness meditation is getting a lot of attention lately, but what does it mean to be mindful? What is mindfulness meditation? If you have difficult meditating, can you still incorporate this practice into your daily life? According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction, “Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, [...]

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Acknowledging the Past While Moving Forward

“How do we move forward when there is so much holding us back? “ Many couples express the frustration in trying to figure out how to make progress in their relationship when they are carrying around baggage from their past. Couples experience the same argument over and over again, and wonder how they will ever [...]

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