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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, And I’m Anxious!

The holiday season is upon us, and many of us are already scrambling to find the perfect gifts, create a menu for our holiday meal, decorate our homes, and maintain some self-care in between. Although the holiday season is synonymous with joy, happiness, and celebration, for many people, the holiday season brings up anxiety and [...]

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Money Talks: Part 2 Co-Mingling Your Assets

One of the biggest decisions couples make is merging their finances. Many couples do not recognize the emotion implications of co-mingling their assets, but decisions about money are strongly tied to our value system. In Part 1 of this series, we explored the questions couples should ask themselves and their partners prior to making decisions [...]

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Money Talks: Part 1 “Consciously Coupling” Your Finances

One of the most significant stressors in any couple’s relationship is money. Money can be a driving force for serious conflict in a relationship or marriage, and is among the top three most common contributors to divorce. My work with individuals and couples has shed light on the deeply personal relationship people have with money, [...]

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Social Media and Self-Esteem: Avoiding the Comparison

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snap Chat. Social media is taking over, and it’s making a big impact on our day-to-day lives, but most importantly, on our self-esteem. We compare, we get anxious, rinse and repeat. It has become so easy to access images of others and their lives, the vacations, weddings, restaurant visits, etc. How do [...]

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Therapy Anxiety: What To Expect When You’re Expecting (To Try Therapy)

I see many clients in my practice that have never been to therapy before, and fear the experience and are uncertain about what to expect. Many clients question the process, and are anxious to understand how I can help, how long will it take to feel relief, and if the process will be ongoing or [...]

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Premarital Therapy: Why Everyone Should Be Doing It

Divorce rates continue to remain high, and the impact of entering into a marriage without knowing enough about your partner can be significant. Many couples think about the possibility of couples counseling in their future, but few think about the value in premarital therapy. Premarital therapy can make a real difference in a couples’ satisfaction [...]

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Trading Brunch for Bridal Showers

Many of us try to prepare ourselves for the life transitions that take place from high school to college, and from college to the “real world,” but many women are not as prepared for the transition that takes place when some of their girlfriends start saying “I do,” and they remain single. The group dynamics [...]

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Transitioning to Motherhood: Taking Care of Your Baby and YOURSELF TOO!

Becoming a mother is something that many women look forward to, and throughout pregnancy, many soon to be mother’s try to imagine what their lives will look like once their child is born. Many women experience a range of emotions throughout pregnancy in anticipation of the arrival of their baby, focusing on the excitement of [...]

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The Wedding Is Over, Now What?

According to statistics, there are over 60 million married couples in the United States. Although the average age of individuals saying “I do,” is increasing, marital rates are still as high as ever. Many young couples spend a significant amount of time preparing for their wedding day, and often get caught up in the minutia [...]

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Unplugged: focusing on each other instead of the screen

As technology continues to take over our world, the importance of quality time spent with one another becomes even more critical. The Pew Research Center found that 25% of cell phone users in committed relationships felt that their partner was distracted by their cell phone during time spent together. Although this statistic might not seem [...]

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