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About Me

My Background – Blair Folino – Intern

Blair FolinoI have always been drawn to people and listening to their stories. Initially, this led me to teaching and the opportunity to work in the Chicago Public Schools as a teaching assistant. During my experiences, I took on a powerful role as a leader, guiding adolescents to develop and grow both academically and emotionally. I was captivated by the inner workings of their mind and patterns of behavior. I deeply valued being a part of each child’s individual journey towards adulthood. While I enjoyed working with students in a rigorous academic environment, I found myself seeking opportunities to help them reach their fullest potential outside of school. Hardships don’t just happen in the classroom. I realized that I need to change course. I ended my journey at Loyola University to enroll in the Northwestern University Counseling Program in 2017.

As a graduate student in the Northwestern Counseling program, I am preparing to work effectively as a counselor to provide mental health services to people challenged by emotional, behavioral, and relationship problems. My training is in psychodynamic therapy. Psychodynamic therapy is a therapeutic approach that helps counselors gain an understanding of a person’s problems in the present by examining their emotions and experiences earlier in life. This type of therapy seeks to bring a person’s unconscious mind into their conscious present to heal and move forward. I take a holistic approach to treatment, tailoring my techniques to the to the unique struggles of each client.

I cherish having meaningful and powerful conversations where trust is the foundation of the individual relationship. I feel honored and privileged to be able to create a safe and empowering environment where people are willing to let me play a part in their stories. As a psychotherapy intern at Empowered Therapy, I look forward to creating a nonjudgemental space where clients can be seen, heard, and validated.



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