Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, OH MY!

As we approach the holiday season, many of us are anticipating the family gatherings, the abundance of food and drinks, the gifts, the parties, and quite commonly, the stress! The time between Thanksgiving and New Years Day is often filled with celebration, but can also be filled with stress related to travel, finances, and family [...]

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I’m just so sick . . . of Tinder

By: Larisa Garski, LMFT When it comes to dating in the 21st century, it’s a brave new world of apps, websites, and compatibility algorithms all designed to find you the perfect date for right now, forever, and anywhere in between. But getting logged in, signed up, and profiled isn’t as easy as it seems. I [...]

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Clinician Spotlight: Larisa Garski, LMFT

Empowered Therapy, Inc. would like to welcome Larisa Garski, LMFT to our staff. Larisa specializes in the following areas: Geek-focused narrative therapy, anxiety/depression treatment, relationship therapy, couples therapy, co-parenting counseling, and family therapy. Larisa has specific training in the following diagnoses: Infertility, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Adoption, ASD, ADHD, OCD. Larisa enjoys working with individuals, [...]

Money Talks: Part 2 Co-Mingling Your Assets

One of the biggest decisions couples make is merging their finances. Many couples do not recognize the emotion implications of co-mingling their assets, but decisions about money are strongly tied to our value system. In Part 1 of this series, we explored the questions couples should ask themselves and their partners prior to making decisions [...]

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Money Talks: Part 1 “Consciously Coupling” Your Finances

One of the most significant stressors in any couple’s relationship is money. Money can be a driving force for serious conflict in a relationship or marriage, and is among the top three most common contributors to divorce. My work with individuals and couples has shed light on the deeply personal relationship people have with money, [...]

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Premarital Therapy: Why Everyone Should Be Doing It

Divorce rates continue to remain high, and the impact of entering into a marriage without knowing enough about your partner can be significant. Many couples think about the possibility of couples counseling in their future, but few think about the value in premarital therapy. Premarital therapy can make a real difference in a couples’ satisfaction [...]

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Technology and Dating: The Online Approach To Meeting “The One”

As our world shifts to social media in lieu of social interaction, the Internet and phone apps have become very popular ways to search for a companion. According to eharmony’s research, 40 million Americans use online dating sites to meet people, and the numbers are steadily increasing. Americans use apps like tinder and bumble to [...]

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How to Spot a Toxic Friendship

Friends are some of the most important and significant people in our lives, but when friendships begin to feel more like work, it may be a sign that the friendship is turning toxic. A toxic friendship can be difficult to spot, but it is important for your overall well-being to explore your relationships and their [...]

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