Motherhood Series Part 1: Coping with Postpartum Anxiety

To kick off our motherhood series, I am pleased to share a piece from Carly McDade, MS, RYT, a Family Therapist and Yoga Teacher in the greater Philadelphia area.  Are you a first-time Mama? Maybe a 2nd-time, 3rd, or even more? Motherhood is one of the most incredible journeys you can take in this life. [...]

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Self-Care for the Selfless: Part 1

Self-Care, a buzz word these days, but how do we actually take care of ourselves?  We have children to feed, work to do, households to manage, relationships to foster, and the list goes on. Many of the clients I see in my office are the selfless type-always doing for others, feeling guilty if they try [...]

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Clinician Spotlight: Larisa Garski, LMFT

Empowered Therapy, Inc. would like to welcome Larisa Garski, LMFT to our staff. Larisa specializes in the following areas: Geek-focused narrative therapy, anxiety/depression treatment, relationship therapy, couples therapy, co-parenting counseling, and family therapy. Larisa has specific training in the following diagnoses: Infertility, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Adoption, ASD, ADHD, OCD. Larisa enjoys working with individuals, [...]

Social Media and Self-Esteem: Avoiding the Comparison

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snap Chat. Social media is taking over, and it’s making a big impact on our day-to-day lives, but most importantly, on our self-esteem. We compare, we get anxious, rinse and repeat. It has become so easy to access images of others and their lives, the vacations, weddings, restaurant visits, etc. How do [...]

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Trading Brunch for Bridal Showers

Many of us try to prepare ourselves for the life transitions that take place from high school to college, and from college to the “real world,” but many women are not as prepared for the transition that takes place when some of their girlfriends start saying “I do,” and they remain single. The group dynamics [...]

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Transitioning to Motherhood: Taking Care of Your Baby and YOURSELF TOO!

Becoming a mother is something that many women look forward to, and throughout pregnancy, many soon to be mother’s try to imagine what their lives will look like once their child is born. Many women experience a range of emotions throughout pregnancy in anticipation of the arrival of their baby, focusing on the excitement of [...]

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The Wedding Is Over, Now What?

According to statistics, there are over 60 million married couples in the United States. Although the average age of individuals saying “I do,” is increasing, marital rates are still as high as ever. Many young couples spend a significant amount of time preparing for their wedding day, and often get caught up in the minutia [...]

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