Premarital Therapy: Why Everyone Should Be Doing It

Divorce rates continue to remain high, and the impact of entering into a marriage without knowing enough about your partner can be significant. Many couples think about the possibility of couples counseling in their future, but few think about the value in premarital therapy. Premarital therapy can make a real difference in a couples’ satisfaction in their marriage, especially as they adjust to sharing so much of their previously independent lives.

But How Will Premarital Therapy Really Make A Difference?

  1. Addressing topics you might be avoiding: In premarital therapy, the goal is to tackle important topics that might not have come up or you might be avoiding. These topics include finances, intimacy, marital roles, relationships with in-laws, religion, and communication issues.
  2. Setting realistic expectations: A skilled marital therapist will help you set realistic expectations about your roles and what to expect from one another on a regular basis. These might include what to expect in managing household chores, financial responsibilities, frequency of time spent with one another, friends, and family members, and other important issues.
  3. Clarifying needs: Premarital therapy can help you clarify what your emotional needs are and how your partner can meet them. Many couples do not have a sense of how to express love to their partner in a way that will resonate, and understanding these needs can be the key to significant satisfaction in the marriage.

But Our Relationship Is Great!

Having a healthy relationship is wonderful, and all the more reason to say “I do.” It can be so valuable to work on the relationship when things are going well, increasing the likelihood that you will both want to strengthen the relationship and work on what is addressed in your sessions.

I can help you open up the lines of communication as you prepare for your big day! Please feel free to reach out to me at 312-729-5089 for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss how I can guide you through this time period and help you feel even more confident before walking down the aisle.

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