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Presentations by Elizabeth Burke

I am available to present on a variety of topics aligned with my specialities and areas of expertise. Listed below are the topics that I frequently present on and some examples of presentations I offer to schools, corporations, support groups, and professionals. If you are interested in learning more about my presentations, please feel free to contact me directly using the form below.

Presentations on Anxiety

This presentation aims to help you learn about the “anxiety monster,” how your fear can drive your behaviors, and what you can do to fight it. This presentation is a great tool for students, athletes, and professionals looking to deepen their understanding of how anxiety can impact them and to learn some basic tools to cope.
This presentation will help high school, college, and graduate students understand how to better cope with the unique stressors that often accompany student life. This presentation will address warning signs of stress overload and teach useful coping skills to students that are practical and can be used in their day-to-day lives.
This presentation will outline the basic principles of mindfulness and how to be more present in a world that expects immediate action. This presentation is useful for students, professionals, and busy mothers who are expected to do so much but often have little time to address their own needs.


Presentations on Relationships

This presentation addresses how anxiety can impact relationships and impact communication, behavior, and the overall health of friendships, intimate relationships, relationships with family members, coworkers, etc. This presentation will review how anxiety can take over if not well managed, and how to start the process of addressing anxiety before it impacts you in your relationships.
This presentation will address the most common issues that arise in partnerships and marriages. This presentation will teach individuals and couples about the most common concerns and how to cope with them. This presentation would be useful for professionals, mom groups, dad groups, and any relationship support groups. 


Presentations for Professionals

This presentation is designed for professionals who would like to refer their clients/patients to counseling, but are not sure how to address that with them. I will review the best ways to approach this, and help guide you on this topic. This presentation is designed for lawyers, physicians, or other professionals who see this need in their practice. 



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