Self-Care for the Selfless: Part 2

 As the holidays approach, there is no better time to take care of yourself and your emotions. The holidays tend to bring up a lot-quickly draining  your self-care bank account.


Although there is a lot to balance around this time, it is so important to maintain your exercise regimen and your healthy eating habits. The connection between what you eat and your mood is significant-minimizing sugar and processed foods can help keep your mood in balance. Exercise can supplement your routine, and help tremendously in managing stress and anxiety in your daily life.


What are some quick tips you can use NOW?


  1. Create an exercise schedule: Create a daily schedule and make it realistic. Find 15,20,30 minutes/day to move-take a walk withyour pet and/or children, do yoga in your living room, or schedule a work out class in your neighborhood. Plan these activities in your day just as you would an important meeting.


  1. Meal plan: Meal planning takes effort, but it is well worth it! Find a day that works best for you, and cook a number of healthy meals and snacks. That way, when you are on the go, you have nutritious food available to you when you need it!
  1. Say no: We often feel inclined to say yes to all of the holiday parties, family gatherings, and nights out with friends, but saying no is critical to self-care. You can say no in a way that is polite and empathic, minimizing conflict and maximizing your down time! Saying no is not always a bad thing-it helps establish boundaries and can encourage healthy relationships.


What should I do next?

Self-care is such an important, but tricky task-we are overscheduled and seem to feel obligated to do for others and not for ourselves. If you feel that you are struggling to establish boundaries, find time for yourself, and meet some of your own needs, you may need additional support. Feel free to contact me directly at 847-505-0889 or to learn more about how I can help.

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