Technology and Dating: The Online Approach To Meeting “The One”

As our world shifts to social media in lieu of social interaction, the Internet and phone apps have become very popular ways to search for a companion. According to eharmony’s research, 40 million Americans use online dating sites to meet people, and the numbers are steadily increasing. Americans use apps like tinder and bumble to try to meet a partner, as well as dating sites like,, and others like it. Though these sites are popular and continuing to attract more and more people, it begs the question, how should you go about approaching these sites?

How To Date Online

Dating online and through phone apps can be not only intimidating, but can challenge you to think about how to represent yourself and show the world your best attributes.

  1. Be Authentic: You might be tempted to post an old picture or exaggerate your talents, but representing yourself authentically will increase the likelihood that you will meet someone who shares interests and finds the current you attractive and interesting. According to, 64% of people who date online are looking for someone with shared interests.
  2. Take Chances: Although you might be hesitant to accept a date with someone who you think is too different from you, or doesn’t have some of the attributes you are looking for, you might be surprised by who you connect with. Take a chance on someone and keep an open mind.
  3. Use Your “Wise Mind”: Your “wise mind” is the part of you that taps into your logic and your emotion. Make decisions about who you will meet for coffee or dinner based on assessing both your intuition, and your feelings about the person, and your logic.

Although there are many more important things to consider, these tips can help you begin to feel more comfortable about approaching the world of Internet dating. As online dating continues to gain popularity, and meeting someone often begins with an email exchange instead of face-to-face contact, it is important that you think about how to keep yourself safe, while also keeping an open mind.

According to, 20% of relationships now begin through online dating. With more and more people using Internet based dating applications, do you know how to approach it? If you would like to find out more about how I can help you with finding a healthy and fulfilling relationship, please feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute consultation at 312-729-5089.

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