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Heal. Rebuild. Change.

If you’re experiencing dissatisfaction and are ready to heal old wounds, make positive changes and embark on a profound path to self-discovery, Empowered Therapy, Inc. can provide the support and guidance needed to harness strengths, honor yourself and thrive beyond what you thought was possible.

woman receiving anxiety treatment

Are You Overwhelmed By Worrisome Thoughts? Do you constantly feel on edge, overwhelmed or anticipate future events with worry and dread? Do racing, ruminating thoughts impact your ability to concentrate on tasks, manage stress or engage socially?


Couple getting counseling from therapist

Are You Seeking Marriage, Divorce or Premarital Counseling? Has the ease and flow you once enjoyed in your relationship been replaced with avoidance and/or irritation? Have you fallen into communication patterns that are shaped by silence, resentment or nagging?


woman facing the sun with her hair blowing

Are you going through a major change and feeling uncertain about the future? Are you feeling unsure and overwhelmed in the midst of a major change? Perhaps you recently divorced, graduated, started school or a new job, moved, had a child, got married or are single again and looking for a partner. Do you feel unprepared or even helpless to deal with significant and perhaps sudden change? Do you wish you felt confident in your ability to make empowering decisions and move forward?


man and woman talking after relationship counseling

Are you and your partner, coworker or family member dealing with communication problems shaped by silence, outbursts, resentment or criticism? Has ease and pleasure in your life been replaced by stress, irritation, loneliness or even anger? Perhaps unresolved arguments or feelings of shame have created communication barriers, and you don’t feel comfortable approaching your spouse, boss or family member.

“I had the honor of attending graduate school with Elizabeth and maintaining our relationship since. Elizabeth is an experienced, knowledgable, and compassionate therapist. She is committed to the wellbeing of her clients and helping them live their best lives. She is innovative, thoughtful, and a great resource for consultation.”
Allison Yura, LCSW
“Elizabeth Burke offers support, validation, and insight to her clients, while truly investing in their wellbeing and healing. Elizabeth has been an invaluable consultation source for my own practice. Chicago is fortunate to have such a capable and caring professional providing for our community.”
Ashley J. Tullman, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist
“I recommend Elizabeth without hesitation for people who are interested in engaging in meaningful and effective therapy work. Elizabeth is as intelligent as she is warm, and I often refer clients to her for her excellent services. She is an extremely responsive and helpful mental health professional.”
Rachel Goldsmith, MA, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


em·pow·er defined:


  • Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights