Therapy Services

Empowered Therapy focuses on women and couples who are ready to face their worries. We will work together toward positive change in a supportive, therapeutic environment.

For Women

Process personal stressors and major changes in counseling/therapy. Build strategies to balance family with your own self-care needs, career and relationships.



For Couples

Counseling for you and your relationship. We work with couples on: Relationship Concerns, Premarital Therapy, Marital Counseling, more.



For People of Color

We have therapists at Empowered who focus on individual, couples and and group therapy for POC. We also have a group for black women that uses writing & journaling.



For Anxiety

Do you always feel on edge, overwhelmed or anticipate future events with worry and dread? Do racing, ruminating thoughts impact your ability to concentrate? Anxiety is common and treatable.



For Sobriety

Counseling and Therapy for: Substance Abuse and Addiction | Recovery | Sobriety | Sober Curious | More



For Parents

Everything changes when you become a parent. As your child grows, you are learning just as much as they are. We’ll join you on your parenting journey to make you a more effective parent. As you rediscover yourself in your role as a parent, we’ll help you connect with yourself & your children.



Art Therapy

Art therapy can take form in a variety of mediums to helpt treat a variety of mental illness situations. These mediums include drawing, painting, coloring or sculpting, to name a few.



Neuropsychological Assessment

At other practices, there’s an average 90+ day wait for people to access neuropsych services. Empowered Therapy is generally able to get people in within 2 weeks! We also tests people across the entire lifespan which is an added benefit.



Family Dynamics

We want to help you develop a healthy family dynamic that incorporates respect, love and intimacy.




We have a diverse team of therapists with a variety of specialties. If you would like to learn more about the different services and specialties our therapists provide, please contact our office to find the perfect therapist for you!



Many Unique Specialties

Meet our team of Therapists – each with a unique background and list of specialties. We pride ourselves on making sure you are matched with a therapist with a deep understanding of what you are going through & how to approach your personal needs.

Start Your Journey

Frequently Asked Questions


Empowered Therapy’s Founder, Elizabeth Burke, has long been sought after for solace and advice. As the practice grew, Burke built a team of highly qualified therapists who are dedicated to helping others. Each therapist at Empowered Therapy brings unique experiences that, together, create a well-rounded team ready to provide a supportive environment to individuals in Chicago.

Starting Counseling & Therapy

Beginning counseling at Empowered Therapy is simple. Use our contact page to request an appointment or call us directly. We can discuss your questions and select the best therapist for you.

Relationship Therapy

Couples therapy provides a safe space for you and your spouse, partner or ex to each express yourselves openly and honestly and talk through the concerns that are driving your disconnection or discord.

The Cost

Insurances we accept include BCBS-PPO, Blue Choice-PPO, UHC-Optum, and Campus Care. We also take private pay clients and offer a sliding scale fee. Please contact our office to confirm your benefits.

Frequency of Therapy

The frequency of sessions will be determined based on need and interest. We will work together to create a plan that fits your needs and addresses your treatment goals.

The First Session

During the first counseling session, you will fill out the new client intake packet, and you will begin to share your story with us. We will discuss what you would like to address in the sessions, and we will get to know you.

During the next few sessions, you will share more about your treatment goals, and we will work together to help you meet those goals.

COVID-19 & Telehealth

For the safety of our staff & clients, we will be conducting all sessions virtually until further notice. Please contact our office for more information.

During the next few sessions, you will share more about your treatment goals, and we will work together to help you meet those goals.


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