Support for Parents

Parenting is a journey and you are learning just as much as your kids. You deserve support so you can be the best parent possible.

Parent Support | Positive Parenting

Our support for parents offers you an opportunity to grow as both a parent and a person. We can work with you directly or as a couple. During session we’ll identify your strengths as a parent and how you can apply them to your parenting style. We’ll also work on core parenting skills that can help you to be a more engaged and relaxed parent. As a team we can achieve balance for you and your family at home and throughout your lives.

Let’s develop practical parenting techniques. We want to help you develop a healthy family dynamic that incorporates respect and love.

Parenting For Every Family

We work with a diverse community of families. Whether you are a blended family, LGBTQ+ family, single parent, or a parent of any kind, parent support can help you grow. These are some of the goals we work on in therapy.

  • Getting on the same page as parents
  • Coping with tantrums, back talk, and more
  • Parent anxiety & stress
  • Evolving role
  • Communication
  • Unhealthy Patterns
  • Family Dynamics
  • So much more!

Empowered Therapy Offers Support for Parents

Your kids are growing and learning so much – so are you. Parenthood is a journey and we can help guide you through it. Many parents come to us feeling lost or unsure about how effective their parenting style is. Some are concerned about losing their temper or choosing the wrong methods of discipline and reinforcementMany are also concerned they aren’t providing their children with enough or teaching them the right skills to thrive.

How Therapy Makes You A Better Parent

Having children changes everything. Many struggle to adjust to parenthood. Some feel a longing for their “old lives” or feel they have lost touch with who they are. Some feel guilty, inadequate or unsure about their new role. Just know that all of these feelings are common reactions to parenthood. It has nothing to do with the love you have for your child.
We can help you rediscover who you are in your new role as a mother or father. Together, we can help you discover who you are as an authentic parent to help bring you closer to yourself and to your children.