Ashley Hardin

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Anxiety | Depression | Life transitions | ADHD| | Social issues | Grief and loss | Religious trauma | Self-esteem | Sex | LGBTQ+ | Veterans | CBT

My Background

I love working with people who are ready to do the work necessary to get to where they want. Many of the people that I work with are experiencing anxiety or are stressed due to work or life changes. I really enjoy working with artists and performers of all types no matter the medium (musicians, engineers, artists, dancers, athletes etc.). I also like working with military Veterans and military families including Gold Star families that have lost loved ones that were in the service. I am always down to work with people to assist them in maneuvering the grief and depression they may be experiencing.

There are many different theories surrounding what we do as therapists, but I personally subscribe to a client-centered approach and will also use techniques from other approaches such as CBT and narrative therapies. My goal is to assist you in your growth not by attempting to give you all the answers but assisting you in realizing what works best for you.

I enjoy working with people from differing backgrounds than my own because I believe that everyone has something to offer the counseling relationship. So, let’s get into it! If you are interested in trying things out, feel free to reach out and we can schedule an initial appointment to see if I am a good fit for what you currently need.