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Clinical Leadership Team

Lizzie Burke, LCSW, CEO & Practice owner; eburke@empoweredtherapy.org, (312) 278-3054

Larisa Garski, LMFT, Chief of Clinical Staff; lgarski@empoweredtherapy.org, 651-206-4064

Katie Schad, Clinical Director for the Hybrid team; KSchad@empoweredtherapy.org, (314) 956-8757



Elizabeth Budde, LCSW; EBudde@empoweredtherapy.org, (219) 776-5257

Katie Schad, LCSW, Clinical Director for the Hybrid team; KSchad@empoweredtherapy.org, (314) 956-8757

Jessica Mckenzie, LCPC; jmckenzie@empoweredtherapy.org, (845) 269-9937

JaShawn Hill, LCSW; Jhill@empoweredtherapy.org, (773) 430-7221

Karl Southgate, PsyD; KSouthgate@empoweredtherapy.org, (312) 965-7379

Alison Spillers, LCPC; ASpillers@empoweredtherapy.org, (815) 575-0976

Emily Berkman, LCSW; EBerkman@empoweredtherapy.org, (773) 531-4588

Kanika Shirole, LCPC; KShirole@empoweredtherapy.org, (863) 577-9322

Larisa Garski, LMFT, Chief of Clinical Staff,  Interim Clinical Director for the Virtual team; lgarski@empoweredtherapy.org, 651-206-4064


Empowered Administrative Team

Linda Manelli Bauer, Lead Intake Coordinator & Billing Director; lmanellibauer@empoweredtherapy.org (630) 742-8426

Precious Benson, Executive Assistant; PBenson@empoweredtherapy.org (312) 278-3054 

Amber Gillogly, Insurance billing specialist; agillogly@empoweredtherapy.org, 312-585-6370

Tiara Tyler, Assistant Intake specialist, Assessment Intake Specialist starting 2023; TTyler@empoweredtherapy.org (312) 278-3054


HR Consultant

Dr. Akilah Bradford

CEO/Founder | The HR DOC Consulting, LLC

  1. 773 – 717-7555 (Call or Text)
  2. akilah@hr-doc.com
  3. Calendar

Akila works in areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is working as an HR consultant for Empowered to provide a safe and confidential meeting space for staff to provide support and address concerns that staff feel cannot be otherwise addressed by leadership.

Clinical Team

Saba Aqel, LPC: SAqel@empoweredtherapy.org, (614) 377-2816

Emily Berkman, LCSW: EBerkman@empoweredtherapy.org, (773) 531-4588

Hamzan Beydoun, ALMFT: hbeydoun@empoweredtherapy.org, (714) 348-8025

Madyson Bondi, LPC: madyson@empoweredtherapy.org, (224) 456-9461

Elizabeth Budde, LCSW: EBudde@empoweredtherapy.org, (219) 776-5257

Elizabeth Burke, LCSW: eburke@empoweredtherapy.org, (312) 278-3054

Margaret Davis, LPC: MDavis@empoweredtherapy.org, (678) 777-4579

Quinn Davis, LPC: QDavis@empoweredtherapy.org, (231) 392-6735

Adrianna Deering, LPC: adeering@empoweredtherapy.org, (630) 788-8038

Meg Doster, ALMFT: mdoster@empoweredtherapy.org, (630) 962-9653

Jessica Garcia, Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology: jgarcia@empoweredtherapy.org, (908) 601-6513

Ashley Harden, LPC: aharden@empoweredtherapy.org, (312) 278-3054

JaShawn Hill, LCSW: Jhill@empoweredtherapy.org, (773) 430-7221

Kate Hinkle, LPC: khinkle@empoweredtherapy.org, (781) 462-5198

Rachel Justie, LCPC: RJustie@empoweredtherapy.org, (847) 987-5537

Nicole Kubera, LSW: NKubera@empoweredtherapy.org, (832) 622-3113

Jessica McKenzie, LCPC: jmckenzie@empoweredtherapy.org, (845) 269-9937

Rachel Ochse, Psy. D.: Rochse@empoweredtherapy.org, (917) 280-3763

Kristin Reitz, LCSW: kreitz@empoweredtherapy.org, (312) 502-6511

Erin Richards, LCSW: erichards@empoweredtherapy.org, (224) 587-5906

Mary Ross-Newman, Psy.D., LCP: mnewman@empoweredtherapy.org

Lauren Sabbath, NP: LSabbath@empoweredtherapy.org

Katie Schad, LCSW: KSchad@empoweredtherapy.org, (314) 956-8757

Larisa Garski, LMFT: lgarski@empoweredtherapy.org, 651-206-4064

Courtney Schwabauer, LSW: cschwabauer@empoweredtherapy.org, (248) 561-7084

Liza Sherbin, LCSW: liza@empoweredtherapy.org, (248) 320-0102

Kanika Shirole, LCPC: KShirole@empoweredtherapy.org, (863) 577-9322

Karl Southgate, Psy.D., LCP: KSouthgate@empoweredtherapy.org, (312) 965-7379

Alison Spillers, LCPC: ASpillers@empoweredtherapy.org, (815) 575-0976

Sarah Wiltgen, LCPC, swiltgen@empoweredtherapy.org, (765) 426-6080


Frequently Asked Questions

PTO Questions

If applicable, review PTO queries/requests with your supervisor. 

Otherwise, review  PTO queries/requests with your clinical director.

When you are officially ready to request PTO, email your clinical director, the Chief of Clinical Staff, and your supervisor (if applicable). Please be sure to complete the following steps:

  • Request PTO at least 1 week in advance
  • Please still indicate PTO use on coverage sheet even if you are not getting coverage
  • Put it in your TN calendar as PTO
  • Submit a formal request for PTO time via Gusto
  • Email the administrative team 1 week prior to your leave to notify them that you will be out-of-office
  • Set-up the out-of-office auto response on your gmail using the template.

Please note that once you have used up all of your PTO, you can request unpaid vacation days following all of the steps listed above except the step involving Gusto.

Please email questions related to taking unpaid time off in lieu of using PTO days to your clinical director, the Chief of Clinical Staff, and your supervisor (if applicable).

Empowered Employee Insurance Plan Questions

BCBS Contact: Nancy Vukovich, nancy@pfichicago.com

Late Cancel/Late Reschedule

Review questions with your clinical director or supervisor (if applicable) and then email the chief of clinical staff to request approval.

ER Clinical Consultation:

Contact info for all staff can be found on Therapy Notes under the “Staff” tab.

Call your supervisor (if applicable). If they are unavailable then …

  1. Call your on-site clinical director. If they are unavailable then …
  2. Call the chief of clinical staff. If they are unavailable then …
  3. Call the practice owner. If they are unavailable then …

Call the next fully licensed clinician moving in alphabetical order down the staff list in Therapy Notes.

For all other Clinical Questions:

Contact your supervisor, if applicable. 

Reach out to your clinical director who can then help determine whether or not the chief of clinical staff also needs to be looped in.

For questions on how to enter items into your Gusto timecard:

Email Precious Benson

Intake Questions:

Linda Manelli Bauer, Intake Coordinator, lmanellibauer@empoweredtherapy.org 

(312) 278-3054

For BCBS Questions:

Email Linda Manelli Bauer, Amber Gillogly, and Tiara Tyler at Billing@empoweredtherapy.org

Sick Time Questions

If you have less than 24 hours advance warning that you need to cancel your clinical day, please text rather than email Linda, (312) 722-6932, to request that she reach out to your clients and cancel your day.

Then email your clinical director, supervisor (if applicable), and the chief of clinical staff.

Sliding Scale questions and approval

Review questions with your supervisor and/or clinical director and then email the chief of clinical staff to request approval.

Therapy Notes functionality questions:

If you need access to a client chart, have a question about billing codes, have a question about documents in the Therapy Notes Library, etc email your supervisor (if applicable), on-site clinical director, and the chief of clinical staff.

For ICO/UIC/Campus Care Clinical questions:

Please contact your on-site clinical director and Larisa

Payroll Questions:
Billing questions

For general billing questions and/or if you are unsure whom to specifically email, please use: Billing@empoweredtherapy.org

For UHC-Optum Questions:

Email Precious Benson, PBenson@empoweredtherapy.org

For UIC/ICO/Campus Care Questions:

Email Precious Benson PBenson@empoweredtherapy.org and Tiara Tyler TTyler@empoweredtherapy.org