Try medication for your teen and watch them live their best life.

Is Your Child Struggling to Manage Their Mental Health? Let’s Navigate It Together.

Navigating through days filled with intrusive thoughts, compulsions, mood swings, and anxiety, where focusing can feel like an uphill battle. These struggles can impact confidence, productivity, and overall well-being, highlighting the complexities of managing mental health conditions during the teenage years.

Finding Relief Through Therapy and Medication

Combining therapy with medication can create a personalized strategy to manage your teen’s mental health. It’s about harnessing thier strengths and finding ways to navigate the hurdles, helping your teen to achieve a sense of accomplishment and balance in thier daily life.

Everyday tasks can become overwhelming for teens when intrusive thoughts, mood swings, anxiety, or other mental health challenges make it hard to concentrate.

Feeling like you're always a step behind isn't a personal failure; it's a symptom of navigating the challenges posed by various mental health issues that teens may encounter.

Your teen's experience is unique, and struggles with mental health are challenges, not character flaws.

A tailored approach with medication and therapy can provide the structure and support you need to thrive.

Stop Suffering.

We see a lot of apprehension around medications, which is good. No one wants to be on medication unless they need to be. Many patients have residual symptoms from their anxiety or depression and that’s really when it’s time to discuss medication management. We see a lot of ‘ I thought everyone dealt with this’ or ‘ It’s not as bad as some people have it’ These comparison statements or thoughts that it’s normal to feel like this are something we try to help work on with my patients. Your problems no matter how big or small matter and should never be compared or diminished based on what someone else is working through.

Seek Help

A session is like a getting-to-know-you meeting. We want to know the patient’s thoughts and feelings about medication and treatments, what has worked for them before, what they have tried, and what their long-term goals are. We need to know any medical conditions and other medications they are taking. The goal of the session is to ensure each patient is happy and agrees with their treatment plan even if that means not adding a new medication.




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Beginning med management at Empowered Therapy is simple. Use our contact page to request an appointment or call us directly. We can discuss your questions and select the best treatment for you.

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Insurances we accept include BCBS-PPO, Blue Choice-PPO, UHC-Optum, and Campus Care. We also take private pay clients and offer a sliding scale fee. Please contact our office to confirm your benefits

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