Kanika Shirole

She | Her | Hers

Intersectionality | Trauma & Grief | Self-Awareness

My Background

I have always been deeply intrigued by the transformative power of social connection.
Ever since I was young, I have been in awe of how healing it can be to engage with another person in a collaborative and meaningful way. I explored this phenomenon as a student of neuroscience, an ensemble musician, and a social justice advocate before finding my true calling as a therapist.
Cultivating true change in my client’s lives through an authentic and empowering relationship is one of the most profound privileges I have.

Establishing a safe and supportive environment for my clients is at the heart of my work as a therapist.
Being an advocate and a helper have always been a core component of my identity. In my work, I demonstrate that by offering my clients a supportive and affirming space to expand their self-awareness, process difficult life events, and heal. My goal as a therapist is to create an environment in which the clients I serve feel safe enough to breathe life into every aspect of who they are.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients – it is an honor to work with each individual I see. That being said, many of the clients I serve are working through trauma, burnout, grief, challenging life transitions, or interpersonal concerns. I also specialize in supporting clients who are working towards expanding their self-concept and exploring aspects and intersections of their ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual, and gender identities.

I received my Bachelor’s in Social and Cognitive Neuroscience from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York and my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Family Institute at Northwestern University. I have experience working with clients in multiple private practices and community mental health settings.

I grew up between central Florida and upstate New York. Over the years, I have also lived in Geneva, Switzerland, Los Angeles, and rural Appalachia before finding home here in Chicago. In my free time, I enjoy writing, singing, making music, spending time with family and friends, and being outdoors with my dog, Maya.