Karl Southgate

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Depression & Anxiety | Trauma | Relational Discord | Work-Related Stress

My Background

Karl Southgate, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his doctoral
degree in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology
and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and English from St. Mary’s College of
Maryland. Throughout his training and work experience, Karl has worked in college
counseling, inpatient settings, and group practice. He specializes in working with
adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma histories, relational discord, and
work-related stress. He also has extensive experience working with children and
adolescents, utilizing both play and talk therapy to help them navigate their

Karl’s approach to clinical work is characterized by a sensitivity to each individual’s
unique needs and potentials. He believes that people often experience immense
change when they explore past experiences, process difficult emotions, and develop
meaningful goals for themselves. In nearly five years as a licensed mental health
professional, he has discovered that the safety of the therapeutic relationship can
facilitate change and help clients to live their lives with a greater sense of meaning
and purpose. Karl helps clients to identify and disentangle themselves from systems
and relationships that have deprived them of their agency in order to aid them in
making choices that feel authentic and intentional.

Karl adopts a relational, insight-oriented approach in his clinical work. He believes
that careful attention to past experiences and to the here-and-now process of therapy
provides a powerful means of accessing feelings, identifying psychological conflicts,
and discovering hindrances to personal growth. At the same time, he finds it essential
to help clients develop coping skills to manage daily challenges. Karl also works with
clients to develop goals that align with their personal strengths and values.

When not in the virtual office, Karl spends his time writing music, reading philosophy
and comic books, and playing more Call of Duty and Baldur’s Gate than he probably
should. He has also recently taken up skateboarding and rides daily, practicing new
tricks and trying not to fall. His cats Odi and Foggy make every day better, and he
loves them despite their constant demand for treats and attention.