Kristin Reitz

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LGBTQ+ | Substance Use Concerns | Anxiety | Depression | LGBTQ+ family building | Life Transitions

My Background

My name is Kristin Reitz, I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and have been working as a therapist for 10+ years. Before transitioning to private practice, I worked for the midwest’s largest LGBTQ+ health center for 8 years. I was drawn to social work because I am guided by a value of social justice. I have worked in multiple aspects of social work throughout my career thus far, but ultimately was motivated to work as a therapist because I believe in the transformative power of vulnerability and connection. As a therapist, I am humbled and grateful to be able to bear witness to the lives and stories of my clients and to be able to support them in their journey towards living authentic and meaningful lives.

My specialty is working with adult individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.  I work with clients to address substance use concerns, anxiety, depression, trauma, life transition, identity work, fertility support, and relationships.  I am committed to providing a safe and affirming space for you to explore what’s important to you and to help you align your values with how to move forward.

It can be hard to reach out for support – I’m glad you’re here! I believe that you are the expert on your own life. I view my role as a therapist as one of collaboration where we will work together to utilize your strengths and increase compassion for yourself. I can also offer alternative perspectives, help you examine patterns in your life, and support you to get where you want to be. My therapeutic style is grounded in warmth, empathy, collaboration, humor, curiosity, and above all, providing a safe and affirming space where you can feel heard and understood. I look forward to working together and supporting you as you work to live authentically and navigate life’s challenges.

Fun fact about me: I am cooking my way through multiple cookbooks at the moment!