Larisa Garski

She | Her | Hers

Chief of Clinical Staff

My Background

I became a therapist because I am drawn to emotions.
Some children are drawn to colors or sounds. When I was a kid, emotions captured my attention. The variety of ways human beings express themselves fascinated me. As I grew, people began to seek me out. Initially, I thought they were looking for advice. But in time I came to understand what they really needed was to be heard. Rather than seeking advice, most were searching for a compassionate person to walk with them during times of struggle.

I am a therapist because I am passionate about using my emotional attunement to help people. Everyone can learn how to connect and heal within a safe therapeutic space. During times of transition, it’s normal to experience heightened levels of stress. Our bodies experience emotional depletion. Sometimes we even face an inability to connect with people and activities that were once restorative. Therapy can provide the safe and supportive space that you need to clarify your goals. Therefore, I work with my patients to reflect on the past and move towards a new future.

My specialties – Couples, Families, and More.

My therapeutic specialties focus on anxiety and narrative counseling. I also work with couples to provide relationship counseling. We work on many things like: co-parenting and family therapy. My style grew as a direct result of my interest in relational groups and families.

It is empowering to support family relationships in a variety of ways.
I treat teenagers struggling to balance screen time with other commitments. I also counsel divorced couples on ways to effectively co-parent. My therapeutic practice also includes guiding young women through challenging life phases. I see women who have faced many things. My office has housed women grappling with a chronic medical diagnosis. Furthermore, I have worked with young women learning to navigate their relationships. We strengthen the ability to face hurt and heal. Therapy provides a supportive space to learn and practice new tools and skills.

My Theraputic Style

I am committed to my clients. A caring and respectful relationship is a core aspect of the healing process. The work we do together incorporates mindful breath work. When working with children, I use play-based coping strategies. Also, I include narrative symbolism into our work. Story has the power to shape our understanding of ourselves, our community, and our place in the world. Furthermore, stories or fandoms can provide powerful tools that help us to realize the change we want to see in our lives.

More about me

I am a recent transplant to the Chicago area. The move helped me understand both the chaos and joy that transitions can bring. Also, in my own life, I strive to balance my introverted joys with my extroverted interests. I love gaming, reading, walks with my trusted canine sidekick, Meronym. I also brunch with friends, go to yoga and group movie nights. In both our personal and professional lives it emphasize the importance of relationships. New people and experiences are what enable us to grow and thrive as people.