Liza Sherbin

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ADHD | Body Image Challenges | Professional Difficulties | Relationship & Social Challenges | Life Transitions

My Background

My name is Liza Sherbin, and I am a licensed clinical social worker. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Organizational Studies, I began working in downtown Chicago at a large corporation. I quickly realized I was disinterested and unfulfilled with the work I was doing, and after two years in a corporate setting, I began seeking out a different path that would be more fulfilling. After much exploration, I realized a career change was what I was looking for. I wanted to work directly with people and provide meaningful support to others, which led me to a career in social work. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a masters degree in social work, and I began working as a social worker in the Chicago Public Schools. From the time I started graduate school, my goal has been to practice clinical social work in a private practice setting; however, I chose to begin my career as a social worker in the Chicago Public Schools to gain experience. Working in the schools was very rewarding and educational, and I am grateful for the three years I spent there.

While working in the Chicago Public Schools, I provided children, teenangers, and their families with therapeutic support using a trauma informed lens. Now, I work with adolescents, and adults of all ages as well as people encountering anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, body image challenges, professional difficulties, relationship and social challenges, and life transitions. I also work with people who are not encountering any specific issues, but value their mental health as well as their physical health and are looking for someone to speak with on a
regular or as-needed basis.

I am non-judgmental, open minded, and collaborative. I always approach situations with kindness and a sense of humor. I greatly value the client therapist relationship, as the more trust the client has in me, the more progress we can make together. I tend to use a strengths based,
solution focused, trauma informed approach. However, the therapeutic services I provide are tailored to each specific client, as all of us are different and require unique skills and therapeutic
services. I recognize the importance of allowing clients to take the lead in order to match individual needs in the therapeutic space. Ultimately, I aim to create a safe place to empower clients to be their best, most confident selves in order to help them live a life they are proud of.

Outside of work, I love to explore new restaurants, play tennis, cook, read, spend time with friends and family, and travel!