EMDR therapy in Chicago can help you feel like you again.

Foster healing and strength in the safe space of EMDR therapy.

If you’re grappling with the aftermath of traumatic experiences, you are not alone. As life unfolds, encountering shifts in circumstances, facing significant changes, or enduring loss, it’s common for one’s sense of self and stability to be challenged. It’s also common for individuals to withdraw, spending more time in isolation or turning to distractions rather than seeking support and connection when they need it most. EMDR therapy provides a space to address these challenges, fostering healing and strength within a supportive environment.

Find Yourself Again Through EMDR Therapy.

EMDR therapy isn’t just about addressing the pain and challenges you’ve faced. We can also help you recognize your strengths and actively nurture them to support your healing journey.

You've been carrying the weight of a past event that still echoes in your daily life, feeling trapped by memories you can't seem to escape.

You've felt the shadows of childhood experiences shaping your view of the world, struggling with trust and relationships.

You've experienced a profound loss that has left you adrift.

EMDR therapy can offer a beacon of hope, helping you reclaim your life.

Stop Suffering.

EMDR therapy in Chicago provides a secure environment for you to express yourself openly and honestly, addressing the experiences that have led to feelings of overwhelm, disconnection, or distress. Away from the triggers of everyday life, you can discover and develop strategies that help you understand your own reactions and emotions on a deeper, more compassionate level. The more you learn about yourself and your responses to trauma, the easier it becomes to navigate your emotions and work towards healing. While EMDR therapy will carefully explore the patterns and impacts of your experiences, EMDR therapy isn’t just about focusing on the challenges you face. We can also help you identify your strengths and resilience, actively nurturing them to support your journey towards recovery.

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We create a safe and supportive environment for open and honest communication. We encourage active listening, and help each partner express their thoughts and feelings. We also provide tools and techniques to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and work through specific issues. Sessions may also include homework assignments or exercises to practice outside of therapy. The length and frequency of sessions can vary depending on your needs and the therapist’s approach.






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Insurances we accept include BCBS-PPO, Blue Choice-PPO, UHC-Optum, and Campus Care. We also take private pay clients and offer a sliding scale fee. Please contact our office to confirm your benefits

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