Reconnect with your partner in sex therapy in Chicago.

Rebuild communication and connection in the safe space of sex therapy.

If you’re facing challenges in your intimate relationship, you’re not alone. Changes in jobs, relocation, parenting, and dealing with loss, sexual relationships can also encounter difficulties. These challenges might be compounded by life’s transitions and external pressures, leading partners to withdraw from each other. Engaging in sex therapy can be a transformative step towards understanding and revitalizing the sexual aspect of your relationship, ensuring both partners feel heard, respected, and connected.

Find Yourself and Your Partner Again Through Sex Therapy.

Sex therapy goes beyond addressing the challenges in your intimate life; it’s also about recognizing and enhancing your relational and sexual strengths. By focusing on what you both excel at and enjoy, we can create a foundation for positive growth and deeper connection.

Dissatisfaction or disconnection in your sexual intimacy, feeling as though you and your partner are not aligning in your desires or pleasure.

Challenges with sexual functioning, affecting your confidence and ability to connect.

Navigating questions around your sexual identity or orientation.

Sex therapy can be a pathway to renewal, empowering you to enhance intimacy and connection in your life.

Stop Suffering.

Sex therapy provides a confidential environment for you and your partner to express yourselves freely and authentically, addressing the issues that are affecting your sexual relationship and intimacy. Away from the pressures of daily life, you can explore and adopt approaches that foster a deeper understanding of your own and your partner’s needs, desires, and boundaries. This understanding can pave the way for more open communication about your sexual lives, making it easier to meet both partners’ needs. While sex therapy involves examining the dynamics that influence your sexual connection, it’s not solely focused on the challenges. We also highlight your relational and sexual strengths, working together to enhance and build upon them.

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A session is like a getting-to-know-you meeting. We aim to understand your perspectives on therapy methods, what has been effective in the past, what you’ve experimented with, and your aspirations for the future. It’s crucial for us to be aware of any medical conditions and medications you’re currently using. The primary objective of the session is to ensure that you feel satisfied and aligned with your therapy plan, even if it means deciding against adding new interventions.






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